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                                                                  Newman Green, Inc. Warranty


The nature of the aerosol industry with its many complicated phases makes it impossible for us to assume any responsibility or liability beyond those operations and parts which we control directly. Our responsibility is limited to workmanship and material to the extent of the cost of the valve. We do not assume responsibility for losses or subsequent damages. We cannot assume responsibility for lack of quality control procedures on the part of the user. We require that valves be subjected, immediately upon receipt, to quality control inspection to determine acceptability. Notice of defects must be rendered in writing to us within 10 days after receipt of shipment. Our laboratory and technical services are available on a no-charge basis. However, the comments offered by our technical service are to be used as suggestions and not as a recommendation, with no liability accepted or implied. No employee of Newman-Green, Inc. has the authority to change this warranty or to make any representation contrary to it. 


Once acknowledgement of your order has been confirmed, it is a non-cancellable agreement to produce and ship same to you on a non-return basis. Should a cancellation become necessary, please consult us immediately upon receipt of your acknowledgement copy.

Newman Green, Inc. Testimonial


​The entire facilities of Newman Green, Inc. are devoted to the design, development, and production, of high quality aerosol valves for the aerosol industry.  All materials used in the construction of the valve assemblies are the best available. The manufacturing and quality standards are constantly being improved to give the finest valve in the industry at a reasonable price.  All parts are thoroughly tested prior to use and all finished valve assemblies are 100% tested. This testing program has resulted in better aerosol products and well satisfied customers

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