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The Aerosol Valve
The seemingly simple aerosol valve actually consists of eight individual parts.  Each component fits and operates in close tolerance relationship with the others to assure consistent dependable spray results equal to the expectations of today’s consumers.  Only custom made machines such as those designed and produced entirely within Newman-Green's manufacturing complex can provide the quality-in-quantity required by the vast aerosol packaging industry.
  • Bulging stocks of parts, sub-assemblies and completed valves are part of Newman-Green's complete capability to serve you.
  • Sprayheads, cups, valve seats and gaskets become precise sub-assemblies in machines custom-developed by Newman-Green.  
  • 100% of Newman Green Valves are leak tested to ensure our customers receive the highest quality valve. 
The Aerosol Sprayhead (or Actuator)
Customer needs are paramount in the Sprayhead assembly department. Custom made precision machines combine with meticulous quality control and 100% inspection.  The result is dimensional accuracy, precision spray patterns and repeatable performance.
  • 100% inspection means absolute reliability from the valves that "pass."
  • Special purpose machines developed and produced by Newman-Green assure unparalleled sprayhead quality.
  • Micrometer-gauged fit of inserts and sprayheads results in consistent spray pattern accuracy.
  • All Newman-Green sprayheads have a 10° pitch, a feature that provides the best and cleanest aerosol experience for the consumer. 
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