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Did You Know?


NGI has been serving its customers since 1947


​Our founder, Edward H. Green, Sr. pioneered the first aerosol valve.

We invite you to discover how Newman-Green Inc. consistent reliability matches the most advanced requirements of contemporary aerosol packagers.  Newman-Green Inc. is a manufacturer of female valves for all of your aerosol needs. We also carry a large variety of sprayheads. The female valve due to no stem restrictions offers the fastest pressure filling on the market, along with the least propellant loss available. We offer all of our standard valves with a laminate bottom. Please view all our available products on our products page. 


Newman-Green offers whatever type of valve you need and over 150 different sprayhead options. Our customers can create whatever type of spray rate or spray pattern they desire.

At the Beginning: Your Product
Everything starts with your product, its unique characteristics, to its special application requirements. From laboratory consultation to extensive testing, Newman-Green Inc. puts the finishing touches on aerosol packages with a total commitment to user satisfaction. Knowledgeable evaluation of aerosol performance measured against use criteria is your assurance the valve we provide is the optimum for your product.
  • Direct technical consultation assures product satisfaction by users.
  • Spray Pattern tests assure correct product application.
  • Effects of variations in product and valve components are studied under actual filling conditions.

If you would like to know more about the high quality products that Newman-Green Inc. has to offer please call us  at 1-800-591-6500 and speak with our experienced sales staff.

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